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Curricular Integration at UMMC

The UMMC education mission has launched a two credit hour credit interprofessional Disaster Management Course for Students to support the institution’s COVID-19 efforts. The course contains a PowerPoint, four Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) courses, selected readings, and a practicum. The practicum includes 36 hours of approved volunteer work, such as the COVID-19 Student Response Coordination Team (CSRCT). No tuition is being charged.

Information for Students to Register

UMMC has designed a Disaster Management Course in response to COVID-19. You may register for this elective course to obtain two credit hours for your service. The course includes a PowerPoint, four FEMA certifications, readings, and a practicum (36 hours of service). Please complete and submit this form COVID-19 Response Disaster Management Course. Allow 2-3 days for the enrollment request to be processed. Once the enrollment has been added, an invitation email to participate in the course will be sent to your UMMC email address. The invitation will also display on the Canvas Dashboard. Be sure to click “Yes” to participate.”