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Office of Interprofessional Education
Norman C. Nelson Student Union, NN108
University of Mississippi Medical Center 
2500 N. State St 
Jackson, MS 39216 
(601) 984-1092

Our Interprofessional Education (IPE) Coordinators advocate for interprofessional and team-based education for all UMMC students. Each of UMMC's six schools has a designated IPE Coordinator. The IPE Coordinators meet with the IPE Director to plan, coordinate, and execute events, programs, and activities to support interprofessional collaboration between students from various specialties.

IPE Director and Coordinators

Kim Adcock
Kim Adcock
Director, Office of Interprofessional Education
IPE Coordinator, UM School of Pharmacy
(601) 984-2760
Laura Asbill
Laura F. Asbill
IPE Coordinator, School of Dentistry
(601) 984-6028
Sydney Murphy
Sydney R. Murphy
IPE Coordinator, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences
(601) 984-1206
Ryan Babl
Ryan M. Babl
IPE Coordinator, School of Health Related Professions
(601) 815-3427
David Norris
David R. Norris
IPE Coordinator, School of Medicine
(601) 984-5006
Robyn MacSorley
Robyn MacSorley
IPE Coordinator, School of Nursing
(601) 815-3127
Victoria Gholar
Victoria M. Gholar
IPE Coordinator, John D. Bower School of Population Health
(601) 815-0591