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Faculty Senate

The University of Mississippi Medical Center Faculty Senate is a committee consisting of nominated and elected members drawn from the pool of faculty at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The Faculty Senate exists such that the faculty shall assume its proper share of the responsibility for making academic decisions, for the protection of academic freedoms within a framework of due process and for the general advancement of UMMC and its faculty. To accomplish these goals, the Faculty Senate has the power to act in an advisory capacity to the administration on policies affecting UMMC, to make the general faculty aware of ongoing activities and projects currently being discussed by the Senate, and to keep the general faculty informed of its recommendations.

Bradley Walters, PhD

Bradley Walters, Assistant Professor

Jeannette Simino, PhD

Jeannette Simino, Associate Professor


Faculty Senate meetings are open to all faculty members. The Faculty Senate meets from 1-2 p.m. on the third Friday of each month from August through May in the School of Dentistry, Room D502.


For more information, contact the Faculty Senate president and/or secretary at FacultySenate@umc.edu. Members of the faculty may also access minutes on the UMMC Intranet by searching "Faculty Senate."