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Student Alumni Representatives (STARs)

Mission of the Organization: To provide service to UMMC alumni and the UMMC community.

Organization objectives:
• Promote a better understanding of the UMMC Office of
Alumni Affairs
• Build a sense of community across schools
• Serve as a liaison between currently enrolled students and
UMMC alumni
• Serve all constituents associated with the institution
• Promote student involvement in activities
• Encourage teamwork and leadership across the divisions
• Cultivate tomorrow’s alumni leaders
• Promote class giving campaigns
• Support UMMC’s mission of interprofessional learning

Benefits to students:
• Assist in establishing new traditions at UMMC
• Contribute to the growth and notoriety of UMMC
• Network with faculty, staff, alumni and friends
• Develop professional and leadership skills
• Collaborate and work interprofessionally with other
constituents across campus
• Participate in various events: campus tours, class
reunions, medical alumni hall of fame, alumni chapter
meetings, phone-a-thons, class giving campaigns,
fundraising/development, letter writing campaigns,
student events, etc.

Candidate qualifications:
• Attend UMMC for a year (by the fall of 2019)
• Able to serve from April 2019 until May 2020
• Willing to collaborate and work with a team
• Possess excellent communication skills
• Energized by crowds and service
• Available to volunteer at two events each month in addition
to signature event
• Responsible, dependable, and punctual
• Ability to elicit confidence and built rapport
• Experience working with people from diverse backgrounds
• Have UMMC Pride
• Submit a completed application in the spring for consideration

If you have questions about the STARs position or the application process, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 601-984-1115. Written inquiries may be sent to

2019-2020 Student Alumni Representatives

School of Medicine 

Kimberly Gilbert
Skye Hardin
Sarah Grace Sobiesk
Tori Wilson
Lorenzo Spencer
Jaslyn Paschal
Walker Stayer
John Whitaker
Graham Hodge
Reya Hayek
Nathan Usry
Monica Kala

School of Nursing