Student Life and Organizations

Student Interest Groups

Below is a list of available student interest groups. Contact the SOM Office of Student Affairs for a student interest group registration form.


Purpose: The mission is two-fold: 1) Help students gain a better understanding of the exciting field of anesthesiology, including the skills involved and the spectrum of practices within the field; and 2) provide students who have decided to pursue anesthesiology as a career with resource to maximize their competitiveness as they enter the residency application process.

  • Website


  • President: Avani Patel
  • Vice president: Jesse Morrison
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Sappington
  • Sim lab coordinator: Jonathan Sappington


  • Dr. John Bethea
  • Dr. Mack Woo

Black Representationin Medicine (BRIM)

Purpose: The purpose of the Black Representation in Medicine (BRIM) program is to increase the number of African-American men and women who apply, gain admission, and successfully matriculate into graduate programs related to healthcare professions, specifically medicine.


  • President: Kandice Bailey


  • Stephen Manuel
  • Lesley Dickens

Business in Medicine

Purpose: Awareness of financial and economic issues affecting the practice of medicine.

Advisor: Dr. Scott Stringer


Purpose: To increase awareness and education of the field of cardiology to students and to the community at large. To give students the opportunity to network with cardiologists, gain experience with clinical skills, scientific research, and to participate in conferences and symposiums.

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Skelton

Club Med

Purpose: To introduce medical students to internal medicine and its subspecialties and to prepare them for clinical studies.

  • Website


  • President: Bailey Hansen
  • Vice president: Jacob Morgan
  • Community service representatives:
    • Mary Ball Markow
    • Kristen Wilson
  • M4 representatives:
    • Laurel Lackey
    • Will Ford
    • Arthur Davis
  • M3 representatives:
    • Jack Strahan
    • Caleb Umbro
  • M2 representatives:
    • Peyton Reves
    • David Wilbanks

Advisor: Dr. Jimmy Stewart


Purpose: Provides a support group and community for students considering a career in dermatology. Provides opportunities for students to form productive relationships with other students and members in the field of dermatology.

Advisor: Dr. Nancye McCowan


Purpose: Relief of stress through any form of crafting, primarily crocheting and/or knitting. All creations should be donated to the VA CLC.


  • Founder(s):
    • Kaitlyn Salter
    • Ronnie Jett Case II
    • Anna Beth Bryant


  • Virginia Covington
  • Jan Simpson

Emergency Medicine (EMIG)

Purpose: To inform medical students about careers in emergency medicine and introduce then to the residents and faculty in the emergency medicine department as the University of Mississippi. The EMIG meeting include lectures on topics of patient care in the emergency department as well as clinical workshops and guidance about choosing emergency medicine as a career and preparing for an emergency medicine residency.

Advisor: Dr. John P. Sandifer

Family Medicine

Purpose: To inform medical students about the practice of family medicine and to have a central organization that allows students interested in the field of family medicine to meet and encourage one another.

  • Website


  • President - Amanda Cooley
  • Vice president - Will Casey
  • Secretary - Danielle Williamson
  • Treasurer - Craig Bullock
  • Events coordinators - Brock Banks and John Howard
  • Community service coordinators - Doug Pearson and Steve Faulks
  • M4 representative - Stephen Morgan
  • M3 representative - Justin Dyer
  • M2 Representative - Denise Powell
  • M1 Representative - Caleb White

Advisor: Dr. David Norris

FrancoMed, Medical French Student Group

Purpose: Enhance the knowledge base and proficiency of French medical terminology for clinical use and the practice of medicine in French-speaking areas of humanitarian need.


  • President: Katelyn Garner
  • Vice presidents:
    • Danielle Brown
    • Colton Lee


Gay-Straight Alliance

Purpose: This is a campus-wide student-led organization devoted to providing a safe and supportive environment for LGBT individuals and their allies, as well as to addressing health and wellness disparities in Mississippi's LGBT population through advocacy and community service.

  • Website


  • Dr. Eric Blaudeau
  • Dr. Liz Robertson

Global Health (GHIG)

Purpose: To educate medical students, residents and faculty about health disparities in our local community and around the world by hosting a monthly lecture series. GHIG also seeks to connect students to mission opportunities and to provide financial support to students engaged in medical missions work.


  • President: Evan Ciarloni
  • Vice president: Will Morgan
  • Treasurer: Stephen Stone
  • Secretary: Laurel Lackey
  • Education chair: Olga Mazur
  • Global health fair chair: Jade Cobern
  • M2 representatives:
    • Haley Houghton
    • Dana Smith
  • M1 representatives:
    • Richelle Jefferson
    • Sosa Adah

Advisor: Dr. Jericho Bell

Medical Spanish (Club de Espanol)

Purpose: To teach students/hospital staff basic Spanish communication skills, train those who are interested in Spanish translating in the medical setting, and give insight into Spanish culture.


  • Co-presidents:
    • Brent Treadway
    • RJ Case
  • M1 Representative: William "Caleb" White

Advisor: Dr. Jerry Clark

Medical Student Cancer Interest Group

Purpose: Promote interest in cancer care, research; Promote communication among members and faculty; Obtain information about careers in medical oncology and malignant hematology; Promote the profession of medical oncology; Serve the medical school and campus public.

Advisor: John Clark Henegan

Military Medicine

Purpose: To equip future military medical professionals with the resources, support and training required to serve as commissioned leaders of character in all branches of the armed services.

Advisor: Dr. Michael Nowicki


Purpose: To foster professional growth and career development of members of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine who are interested in the field of neurosurgery.


  • President: Rob Dambrino
  • Vice president: Zach Johnson

Advisor: Dr. Chad Washington


Purpose: To foster in interest in the field of OB/GYN and to facilitate a better understanding of the practice of OB/GYN and its specialties through professional contacts, exposure to clinical experience and an accurate representation of the life of an OB/GYN.

  • Website


  • President: Jay Hogg
  • Vice presidents: Chadwick Mayes and John Rushing
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Harrell
  • Secretary: Ann Tucker
  • Meeting coordinator: Elizabeth Tarsi
  • Fundraising chair: Mallory Jacobs
  • Public relations: Carolita Heritage
  • ACOG correspondent: Adrienne Paige
  • Community service chair: Meagan Ishee

Advisor: Dr. John Preston Parry


Purpose: Increase the knowledge and understanding of the practice of ophthalmology for the medical student.

Advisor: Dr. William Watkins


Purpose: To expand awareness and interest among students about the field of pathology and encourage more students to consider pathology as a career; to allow interested students to make contacts with faculty and residents; and to raise awareness among students about the crucial role pathology plays in modern medical practice.

  • Website

Advisor: Dr. William Daley


Purpose: To provide interested medical students with a base understanding of the field of pediatrics as well as opportunities to assist Batson Children's Hospital.


  • President: Logan Ramsey
  • Vice president: Grant Robinson
  • Treasurer: Callie Grey
  • Secretary/historian: Carter Barnett
  • Batson liaison: Talyr Hall
  • PIG roast chairs:
  • Rosalynn Gunn
  • Sosa Adah
  • Delegate to the American Academy of Pediatrics: Avni Patel

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Crout

Psychiatry (PSIG)

Purpose: To help students gain a better understanding of all the career possibilities within the Psychiatry field. The PSIG works with UMMC Department of Psychiatry to help carry out this purpose through informative meetings, activities, and projects in order to offer students exposure to the Psychiatry field.


  • President: Mallory Jacobs
  • Vice president: Kathleen Lyons
  • Secretary: Erin Pierce
  • Treasurer: Doug Pearson
  • M2 representative: Katie Thaggard
  • Community service: Yolanda Ross
  • Founder and club coordinator: Lakeshia Gibson
  • Founding members:
    • Mike Anderson
    • Brooke Furrh

Advisor: Dr. Jon Cory Jackson

Public Health

Purpose: To educate UMMC students on current public health issues and public health oriented careers.

Advisor: Alan Penman

Pulmonary Medicine/Critical Care

Purpose: This is an interest group designed to help students explore pulmonology and critical care as potential fields of specialization. This will give students an opportunity to hear about the specialty and hear from physicians who have pursued careers in the field.


  • President: Tyler Sims
  • Vice president: Jackson Ross
  • M3 representatives:
  • William Crews
  • Caleb Zumbro
  • M2 representatives:
  • William Ross
  • Resham Rahat
  • M1 representative: J'undra Pegues

Advisor: Dr. Avani Mehta

Quality Improvement

Purpose: We are here to involve students from the various schools of Health Professions at UMMC to improve healthcare and patient safety at Mississippi's only academic medical center. We work directly with the UMMC office of Quality/Patient Safety, whom we cannot thank enough for their resources and support.

  • Website


Purpose: Promote communication among medical students and faculty; provide information about careers in radiology; promote the profession of radiology; and serve the medical school campus.

Advisor: Dr. Erick Blaudeau

Student Research

Purpose: To facilitate the connection of students to researchers at UMC and to educate medical students about research and research opportunities.


  • President: Boshen Liu
  • Vice president: Tara Lewis


  • Dr. Omar Abdulrahman
  • Dr. Jerry Clark

Supportive Stories

Purpose: Supportive Stories hopes to bring children and adults countless moments of simple humanity through the wonders of story telling.


  • President: Jonathan Feng, M3
  • Vice President: Susan Frichter, M3
  • Treasurer: Nathan Freeman, M3
  • Secretary: Mark Pinkerton, M3
  • Charity Admin: Ryan Marshall, M3
  • Head of Student Relations: Brandy Mays, M3
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley Villarreal, M2
  • Reading Trainer: Daniel Robbins, M3

Advisor(s): Dr. Jerry Clark


Purpose: To foster an interest in the field of surgery and to facilitate a better understanding of the practice of surgery through professional contacts or exposure, and an accurate representation of the lifestyle of a surgeon.

  • Website


  • President: Marco Aru
  • Vice president: Kyle Curtis
  • M2 representatives
    • L. Ian Taylor
    • Daniel Robbins
  • M1 representatives
    • William Buchanan
    • Jeremy Wise

Advisor(s): Dr. Mark Mitchell


Purpose: To help students gain a better understanding of the field of urology and its various subspecialties and to provide insight from practicing physicians as well as current residents.


  • President: Clayton Newell


Wilderness Medicine

Purpose: To advance health care, research and education related to wilderness and outdoor-related medicine.

Advisor: Dr. John McCarter