Student Life and Organizations

Affiliated Chapters

American Medical Association (AMA)

Purpose: To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health through leadership, excellence, integrity and ethical behavior.

Advisor: Dr. John Bethea

American Medical School Association (AMSA)

Purpose: Committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.


  • President: Helen Turner
  • Secretary: Avni Patel
  • Treasurer: Lisa Biswas
  • Community service: Elise Abdalla
  • M3 representative: Haley Houghton
  • M2 representative: Nneamaka Ezekwe
Advisor: Dr. Jerry Clark

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

Purpose: For nearly a century, the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) has been committed to the advancement of women in medicine. Although he number of women choosing careers in medicine has grown substantially, there has not been a commensurate increase in the percentage of women in senior leadership positions.To redress this situation, AMWA has carried out ambitious advocacy efforts including research, constituency building, mentoring, leadership development, and policy reform to enable environmental and institutional transformation.

Advisor: Dr. Jerry Clark

American Physician Scientists Association (APSA)

Purpose: APSA is dedicated to career development and community building among physician-scientists in training. APSA also strives to be the student physician-scientists' leading voice for improving educational opportunities, advancing patient-oriented research, and advocating for the future of translational research.


  • President: Ezekiel Gonzalez-Fernandez
  • Vice-President: Hannah Rice
  • Institutional Representative: Meredith Cobb
  • Secretary: Ezekiel Gonzalez-Fernandez
  • Treasurer: Ezekiel Gonzalez-Fernandez
  • Webmaster: Talal Younes
  • School of Medicine Liaison: Elliot Varney

Advisor: Dr. Sean Didion

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Organization of Student Representatives (OSR)

Purpose: The OSR is the student branch of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The OSR is charged with the representation of undergraduate medical student body of the United States to the academic medicine community; the OSR's constituency comprises all medical students. The concerns of the OSR lie exclusively within academic medicine and medical education.

Advisor: Dr. Jerry Clark


Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Purpose: To support current and future underrepresented minority medical students, address the needs of underserved communities, and increase the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians. We are dedicated to ensuring that medical education and services are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse populations and increasing the number of students of color entering and completing medical school.


  • President: Vy Mai
  • Vice president: Victoria Wheeler
  • Treasurer: Justin Dyer
  • Assistant treasurer: Kimystian Harrison
  • Secretary: Chiamaka Ngwudike
  • Community service chair: Denise Powell
  • MMSA representatives:
  • Wilfred Lindsey
  • Analise Douglas
  • Pipeline coordinator: Kendra Courtney
  • Food coordinator: Michael Chiadaka
  • Fundraising chair: Lauree Thomas
  • Presidential advisor: Jasmine Watson
  • M1 representatives:
    • Nneamaka Ezekwe
    • Esosa Adah
  • M2 representatives:
    • Ono Adah
    • Gabrielle Rattliffe

Advisor: LaFreda Sias

Student Physicians for Social Responsibility (SPSR)

Purpose: Student Physicians for Social Responsibility is an organization of concerned students working to address the issues that most threaten the health of our planet. We are committed to mitigating climate change, promoting social justice, and building a secure and peaceful world.


  • President: Madeline Campbell
  • Vice president: James Roberts
  • Secretary: Anusha Chinthaparthi
  • Treasurer: Eddie Mac Huddleston
  • Government liason: Adam Niolet

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman