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M2 - Second Year

The second year (M2) builds on the foundation laid by the first year and begins to focus on abnormal human body structure and function. The study of the diseased body occurs in Pathology and Microbiology. In Population Health, Disease Prevention, and Health Promotion, students learn proactive approaches to avoid disease - in Pharmacology, attention is given to the drugs used to treat disease.

While the first year Core Concepts course gives students a glimpse of clinical situations, the second year course Introduction to Clinical Medicine teaches the central principles of practicing medicine. After learning how to take a thorough history and conduct a physical exam, students are presented with more patients, again in preparation for the clinical years.

The time between test blocks in M2 year is longer, preparing students for the large volume of information that is to come in the clinical years. As the students grow in study and test-taking skills, they are able to grasp and integrate more and more information, and exams.