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M1 - First Year

The fundamental first year (M1) provides the building block for basic science knowledge. Students adjust to life in medical school as they meet their colleagues, develop study patterns, and find their niche.

Focusing mainly on the healthy body, the classes focus on the fine details of enzymes and metabolic pathways in Biochemistry and the histological preparation of a minute section of tissue in Histology and Cell Biology. This is contrasted with the equally detailed, but more tangible, information taught in Gross Anatomy. The student actually sees and feels the vessels, muscles, and organs. In Physiology, the students learn the function so these same body parts.

The Core Concepts course is a gradual introduction to the clinical aspect of medicine, and includes a basic life support class, guest lecturers, group projects, and the first patient interaction.

Other courses include Developmental Anatomy, Neurobiology, Psychiatry and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.