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Computer Needs

Entering medical students are required to own a laptop computer that meets the annually revised UMMC School of Medicine minimum laptop specifications.

Funds are budgeted in the student financial aid package to allow for the student to purchase a laptop computer. Students should purchase a laptop meeting or exceeding UMMC's minimum specifications from regular retail channels. High-end laptops from any IBM-PC or APPLE-compatible manufacturer should be acceptable. Students will be personally responsible for maintenance and repair of their laptop; therefore, a three-year maintenance and repair contract purchased from the original equipment manufacturer or vendor is recommended.

All students are required to use and maintain UMMC-approved antivirus/spyware software to be allowed access to the UMMC student wireless network and resources.

Students should acquire their laptops prior to the first week of August. They will be required to bring their functional laptops to a computer orientation held during registration/orientation before classes begin.

Required clickers

Entering medical students are no longer required to purchase a Turning Technologies personal response device (“clicker”). However, if you have an old Turning Technologies clicker, it may be compatible and you could use that, too. We are now allowing students to use their smart devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets) to respond in class to TurningPoint questions. Each student will have to register their email address with Turning Technologies though a link that will be placed in M1/M2 Curriculum Canvas courses. More information on how to use your smart devices in class will be provided at the computer orientation during registration. Bring your laptop to the session.

For more information

Questions about required products or laptop specifications should be emailed to: