A physician examines aspects of Gamma Knife (R) radiosurgery equipment.
Four radiation oncologists hold signs stating HeForShe, WomenWhoCurie, ILookLikeARadOnc and RadOncDiversity
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Department of Radiation Oncology

American College of Radiology (ACR) Breast Imaging Center of Excellence Logo.The Department of Radiation Oncology is dedicated to the education and training of future radiation oncologists and medical physicists. With its commitment to multidisciplinary care, the goal of each program is to provide residents with a solid foundation and be competent not only in their own field, but also knowledgeable of all aspects of cancer care.  Our training programs embrace clinical and academic excellence and provide exposure to the interdisciplinary management of cancer.  

The division hopes to provide care for our state’s most difficult pulmonary pathophysiology. This is achieved through ongoing clinical research studies, so the latest therapeutic options are available to our patients, as well as a robust training program in pulmonary and critical care medicine so that we can expand the number of specialty physicians in Mississippi.


The vision of the department is to become one of the top 20 academic departments in the country in patient care, education and research, providing non-discriminating state of the art care with compassion, dignity and professionalism.


  • To serve the people of the State of Mississippi and beyond in the Southeastern USA providing them with the state of the art care in cancer and radiation therapy;
  • To educate and train residents who will become academic leaders in radiation oncology, serving especially the deep south and southeast of the USA;
  • To foster research that will improve the outcomes and overcome disparities in the state of Mississippi and in the Deep South with innovative and focused laboratory, clinical and translational investigations;
  • To serve, especially the children of Mississippi, since UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER (UMMC), has the only Pediatric Hospital in the state, and improve cancer outcomes with multidisciplinary efforts.

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