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Student Health Services

The mission of Student Health Services is to provide focused disease prevention and management which enhances the health of students and their educational performance.

Clinic location and phone numbers

Student Employee Health (SEH) is in Room N-136, between Physical Therapy and Volunteer Services offices.

  • Front desk
    (601) 984-1185
  • Joy Akanji, DNP, Nurse manager
    (601) 984-1192
  • Joyce Olutade, MD, FAAFP
    (601) 984-1193

Sick visit hours

  • Hours are 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, except on official UMMC holidays.

Quick Care Clinic, Family Medicine

  • 764 Lakeland Drive, Jackson, 2nd Floor
    (601) 984-6800
    7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
  • Late Clinic
    5-7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday

Telehealth services

  • If insured through the State of MS Medical Insurance, you may use "UMMC 2 You" from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Check your personal medical insurance website for other telehealth service providers
  • United Healthcare - sign up for Virtual Visits at account,

Nurse-only visits

Hours: 7 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

  • Vaccinations
  • Urine drug screens
  • TB screening (blood and skin tests)
  • Management of blood-borne pathogen exposure
  • Management of tuberculosis exposure
  • Away rotation paperwork completion
  • Immunity tests (titers), other blood tests

Sick call visits

  • Acute illnesses (URI, UTI, gastroenteritis, etc.)
  • Acute injuries, rashes
  • No charge for seeing the doctor or NP
  • Lab tests, X-rays, CTs are billed to the student's medical insurance
  • Bring your insurance card and driver's license
  • Injectable antibiotics, steroid shots or IV fluidsare notgiven in Student Employee Health
  • No suturing or I&D of abscess

Student Counseling and Wellness Center (SCWC)

For all mental health issues, including ADHD assessment and management, visit the SCWC.

Services not provided at SEH

  • Chronic disease management - See your PCP for chronic illnesses
  • ADHD management - See the SCWC, your psychiatrist or PCP
  • Annual physicals/pap smears - See PCP, Family Medicine, Int. Medicine or Gyne
  • Injectable antibiotics, steroid shots, IV fluidsor minor surgical procedures

Vaccination fees

Away Rotations

  • Start the process early
  • Check Hepatitis B titer at least 6 months prior to start date, preferably during your 1st year
  • Polio and rabies vaccines are notavailable in SEH

Lab Tests

  • Blood tests, including titers to confirm immunity may be done at SEH or any other UMMC clinic/lab
  • The cost of the blood test(s) is charged to your medical insurance
  • Urine drug screens for elective rotations have a variable fee depending on substances detected ($16-$100)

UMMC Clinic Numbers

  • UMMC Clinics: (888) 815-2005
  • UMMC Family Medicine: (601) 984-6800
  • UnaCareFamily Health Clinic: (601) 815-8230
  • The Student's hometown physician may call UMMC Specialist directly: (866) 862-3627