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Alisha Bland, PGY II

Alisha Bland

Applying and interviewing for a position in a residency program is not an easy task, but making the decision to come and train at UMMC was a no brainer for me. I already felt like a part of the family from the interview! I never felt like I was being interviewed for a job- it was so apparent that each person I talked to truly wanted to get to know me and learn about my passions in pediatrics. My co-residents, attendings, and program staff have proven to me that they want me to succeed and are willing to support me with whatever I may need. I feel like I found my home here at UMMC and I'm so thankful!

Helen Cunningham, PGY III

Helen Cunningham

Why UMMC? Easy... the people! As I interviewed with UMMC Pediatrics, I immediately felt a connection with the residents and knew they could become some of my lifelong best friends. This has proven to be true every single day. Residency is a tough season of life, but it is made so much better if you have amazing friends by your side, to support you, to commiserate, to snack with on the late-night shift, to celebrate small wins and big life events, and to simply learn and work alongside on a daily basis. I know each of these people that I have met through UMMC will be a part of my life, long past the end of residency. For that, I am eternally grateful!

Jason Simpson, recent graduate

Jason Simpson

When interviewing for residency positions, one of the things that immediately stood out about the program and people of UMMC was their intentionality. Each interaction I had was real and genuine, and this led me to rank UMMC as my number one choice. Residency can be demanding, especially when you are working in the only Children's Hospital in a state with a statistically sick population. However, what I found in this program is a wonderful group of people who care deeply for each other from the program director down to the newest of interns. The intentionality that I saw during my interview has continued on in the way that everyone is so willing to lend a hand to anyone who might need it. It's cheesy, but this program truly is a family, and I'm so privileged to be able to learn medicine from each of them.