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Resident Council

The Resident Council is a select group of resident volunteers (R2s and R3s) who compose five core committees: Recruitment, Community Service, Wellness, Student Outreach, and Diversity and Inclusion. These residents coordinate multiple events and endeavors related to their individual committee. They also participate in regular meetings with program leadership regarding program ideas.

Recruitment Committee

This committee has a central role in arranging recruitment luncheons and dinners. They also assist with applicant tours, coordinating events with outside institutions, as well as managing social media accounts.

Current members:

  • Co-chair: Alisha Bland and Sophie Cherry-McMurry
  • Sub-committee members:
    • Brooke McKnight
    • Ashley Gnam Phillips

Community Service Committee

The committee organizes departmental and local service projects across the year and coordinates fundraising events related to the hospital.

Current members:

  • Chair: Ismail Mainor
  • Sub-committee member: Elizabeth Tiller

Wellness Committee

This committee organizes dinners and several social events across the year. Such events include resident Book Club, Bourbon Club, Pet Therapy, regular holiday get-togethers, and inter-departmental parties. They send regular newsletters to the residency including planned departmental events and also local events around the city.

Current members:

  • Chair: Lindsey Kent
  • Sub-committee members:
    • Lindsey Winborne
    • Olivia Grant

Student Outreach Committee

This committee organizes a monthly newsletter to medical students and assists with coordinating events with the Pediatric Interest Group. They also assist with managing social media profiles.

Current members:

  • Chair: Monica Kala
  • Sub-committee member: Candyce Mehler

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The committee works with departmental faculty to expand residential DEI training. They also work with our Wellness committee in planning various events to appreciate the various cultures represented in our program.

  • Chair: Chelsea Walker
  • Sub-committee members:
    • Seun Famojuro
    • Tyler Hall