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M4 Clerkship Description

We offer multiple fourth year rotations within inpatient and ambulatory settings across the full spectrum of pediatric specialties. In acting internship roles, our senior medical students are expected to fill the responsibilities of interns to the fullest extent possible, and they also get the opportunity and are encouraged to lead and teach junior medical students. Many rotations are offered as 2 or 4 week blocks. In addition, senior medical students seeking a career in pediatrics are offered a longitudinal curriculum including a weekly "lunch and learn" lecture geared toward practical knowledge needed for residency, simulation experiences facilitated by pediatric faculty, and mentoring and guidance throughout the residency application process through a pediatrics-focused lens. The senior year culminates in a mandatory class-wide “boot camp” during which time pediatrics-specific topics and procedures are reviewed and simulated in small group format by relevant faculty and educators to better prepare graduating M4s for internship.

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