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Pediatric Educational Programs

The University of Mississippi School of Medicine realizes that the health and development of Mississippi’s children and their ability to reach their full potential depends on the availability of pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists. That’s why pediatric residencies and fellowships are a key part of our education initiative.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has noted that more primary care pediatricians will be needed to treat the increasing number of children who have chronic health issues as well as those who live in rural and underserved areas. Among the most severe pediatric shortage areas, according to the Children’s Hospital Association, are neurology, developmental/behavioral medicine, gastroenterology, surgery and neurosurgery.

Specialty care when and where it is needed to reach children and their families starts in the classroom as well as in training.

To meet these needs, UMMC’s Department of Pediatrics has focused on training more pediatric specialists and subspecialists to put care closer to home for families in Mississippi and beyond. The University of Mississippi Medical Center offers residencies and fellowships in pediatrics as well as in subspecialties including allergy, cardiology, critical care, hematology-oncology, neonatology, neurology, pediatric surgery, pediatric emergency medicine, palliative care, and rheumatology.