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Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Welcome to the UMMC Department of Pediatrics' Division of Infectious Diseases/HIV website. We provide a number of clinical services across the spectrum of ambulatory and in-patient care for a wide range of pediatric/adolescent ages at UMMC.

We, of course, are pleased to be of assistance in evaluation and management of neonatal, pediatric and adolescent patients from anywhere in the state. We also provide evaluation and management of HIV in pregnancy from pre-conception to postpartum.

Use the table below to select the most appropriate provider to contact for the specific clinical question, consult or referral that you have during regular office hours. For after-hours coverage, contact the UMMC operator at (601) 984-1000 and ask for the doctor on call. As a general rule, one physician will be on call for all general infectious diseases-related consults and referrals. Another physician will be available to respond for pediatric HIV or perinatal HIV consults and referrals. Or, in some circumstances, one physician may be covering all of the areas.

For internal UMMC consultations, you may use the call schedules in Contact U for Pediatrics - Inf Diseases/HIV.

AreaServicesOffice Hours Contact Info

Neonatal ID
Pediatric ID
Adolescent ID
Adolescent HIV

Telephone consults
Office appointments
Hospital consults

Dr. Charlotte Hobbs
Dr. Kengo Inagaki
Dr. Roberto Santos
(601) 984-5206

Neonatal HIV
Pediatric HIV
Perinatal HIV

Telephone consults
Office appointments
Hospital consults

Dr. Kengo Inagaki
(601) 815-1119

Four board-certified Pediatric Infectious Diseases Faculty provide the ambulatory care and consultation for in-patient care of infants, children, and youth. One Faculty member providing perinatal HIV consultation is Board Certified in Family Medicine and certified as an HIV Specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM).

The current Pediatrics - Inf Diseases/HIV staff is composed of a pediatric nurse practitioner, an RN case manager for perinatal HIV patients, an RN case manager for HIV-exposed infants/children/youth, an LCSW case manager, and administrative staff.