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Wound Culture with Stain

Test Name:Wound Culture with Stain
Epic Order Code:LAB503
CPT Code:87070
Specimen(s) Type:Examples: Deep Tissue Wounds, Surgical Wounds, Punctures, Bites.
Acceptable Container(s):2 swabs and/or anaerobic transport media
Testing Schedule:24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Turn Around Time:STAT: NA
Routine: 2-5 days; preliminary report after 24 hours.
Collection Information:Refer to Microbiology Collection Information by Source. If collecting by swab, 2 swabs are required.
Transport Information:Deliver to lab immediately at room temperature. All specimens must be signed into the laboratory.
Reference Client:If unable to deliver to lab immediately, store and transport at room temperature. Specimen must be received in lab within 24 hours.
Causes for Rejection:Improperly labeled, incorrect container, contaminated, insufficient quantity, improper/delay in transport.
Reference Range:No growth from sterile body sites; no pathogens from sites with normal flora.
Additional Information:Susceptibility testing will be performed only on significant isolates.