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Test Name:Testosterone
Epic Order Code:LAB124
CPT Code:84403  
Specimen(s) Type:Plasma or Serum, 1.0 mL
Acceptable Container(s):Tube tops are light green, gold and red.
Testing Schedule:Monday-Friday
Turn Around Time:STAT: NA
 Routine: 48-72 hours
Collection Information:No special patient preparation is required. Obtain by standard collection procedures.
Transport Information:Deliver to lab immediately. All specimens must be signed into the laboratory.
Reference Client:If unable to deliver to the lab within 1 hour, centrifuge the specimen and remove serum from the red cells. Store and transport at 2-8° C within 7 days. If longer storage is required, store and transport the sample at -20° C up to 6 months.
Causes for Rejection:Improperly labeled, incorrect container, contaminated, insufficient volume, incorrect/delay in transport.
Reference Range:Age:Females: ng/dLMales: ng/dL
 0 - 5 months:20.0 - 80.075-400 ng/dL
 6 months - 9 yrs:0.0 - 20.00-20 ng/dL
 10 - 11 yrs:0.0 - 44.00-130 ng/dL
 12 - 13 yrs:NA0-800 ng/dL
 14 - 15 yrs:NA0-1200 ng/dL
 12 - 16 yrs:0.0 - 75.0NA
 15 - 16 yrs:NA100-1200 ng/dL
 17 - 18 yrs:20.0 - 75.0300-1200 ng/dL
 > 19 yrs:6.0 - 82.0280-800 ng/dL
Additional Information:Do not use samples from patients under Nandrolone treatment. In isolated cases, elevated testosterone levels can be seen in samples from female patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD). Implausible elevated testosterone values in women should be verified by an extraction method or a validated LC-MS/MS tandem method.