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Platelet Function Test

Test Name:Platelet Function Test
Epic Order Code:LAB318
CPT Code:85576  
Specimen(s) Type:Whole Blood; 2 full tubes required.
Acceptable Container(s):2 X Top is light blue.
Testing Schedule:24 hours day/7 days a week. Notify lab at (601) 984-2367 that PFA is being collected and give name of patient.
Turn Around Time:STAT: 1 hour
 Routine: 2 hours
Collection Information:No special patient preparation required. Obtain specimen by standard collection procedures, using a 21 gauge or larger needle. If only Platelet Function is being collected, draw 5 mL into a red top tube, discard and then collect tubes for Platelet Function. Excessive agitation of the sample may effect results. Tube must be full.
Transport Information:Deliver to lab immediately to ensure platelet viability. All specimens must be signed into the laboratory.
Reference Clients:If unable to deliver to the lab immediately, store and transport specimen at room temperature. Specimen must be received and tested within 3 hours. Do not freeze, refrigerate or transport on ice.
Causes for Rejection:Improperly labeled, incorrect container, contaminated, insufficient quantity, incorrect/delay in transport.
Reference Range:Collagen-Epinephrine: 67 - 206 sec. closure time
 Collagen-ADP: 47 - 132 sec. closure time
Additional Information:Numerous drugs effect platelet function. Samples with closure times within the specified reference range have adequate or normal platelet function. Samples with normal Coll-ADP results but elevated Coll-Epi most probably demonstrate a medication effect. Samples abnormal for both Coll-Epi and Collagen-ADP suggest an unspecified platelet abnormality. Additional platelet function testing may be required if clinically indicated. Patients with low hematocrits and low platelet counts may give abnormal results. Platelet count <100,000cm and HCT <25% may not give results.