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Hemoglobin A1C (HA1C)

Test Name:Hemoglobin A1C (HA1C)
Epic Order Code:LAB90  
CPT Code:83036  
Specimen(s) Type:EDTA Plasma  
Acceptable Container(s):Top is purple (lavender).
Testing Schedule:24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
Turn Around Time:STAT: 1 hour  
 Routine: 2 hours  
Collection Information:No special patient preparation is required.
Transport/Storage Information:Deliver to lab immediately.
Causes for Rejection:Improperly labeled, incorrect container, contaminated, insufficient quantity, incorrect/delay in transport.
Reference Range:4.8 - 5.9%
Additional Information:Any cause of shortened erythrocyte survival will reduce exposure of erythrocytes to glucose with a consequent decrease in % HbA1c values (DCCT/NGSP), even though the time-averaged blood glucose level may be elevated. Causes of shortened erythrocyte lifetime might be hemolytic anemia or other hemolytic diseases, homozygous sickle cell trait, pregnancy, recent significant or chronic blood loss, etc. Caution should be used when interpreting the HbA1c results from patients with these conditions.
 Glycated HbF is not detected by the assay as it does not contain the glycated ß-chain that characterizes HbA1c. However, HbF is measured in the Total Hb assay and as a consequence, specimens containing high amounts of HbF (>10%) may result in lower than expected % HbA1c values (DCCT/NGSP).