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Ethanol, Blood

Test Name:Ethanol, Blood  
Epic Order Code:LAB5045  
CPT Code:82055  
Specimen(s) Type:Serum; 0.5 - 1.0 mL
Acceptable Container(s):Top is red.
Testing Schedule:24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
Turn Around Time:STAT: 1 hour  
 Routine: 2 hours  
Collection Information:No special patient preparation is required. Obtain specimen by standard collection procedures. Do not use alcohol or other volatile disinfectants at the site of venipuncture. Aqueous Zephiran (benzalkonium chloride), aqueous Merthiolate (thimerosal), or povidone-iodine may be used. Do not open container.
Transport Information:Deliver to lab immediately. All specimens must be signed into the laboratory.
Reference Clients:If unable to deliver to the lab within 1 hour, store and transport at 2-8° C. Do not open container. Specimen must be received in the lab within 24 hours.
Causes for Rejection:Improperly labeled, incorrect container, contaminated, insufficient quantity, incorrect/delay in transport.
Reference Range:0.0 - 10.0 mg/dL
 Critical: > 300 mg/dL
Additional Information: