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Aspirin Sensitivity

Test Name:Aspirin Sensitivity
Epic Order Code:LAB5053
CPT Code:85576  
Specimen(s) Type:Plasma; Full tube required.
Acceptable Container(s):Tube is Greiner 2 ml
Testing Schedule:24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
Turn Around Time:STAT: 1 hour
 Routine: 4 hours
Collection Information:Must be collected between 2 and 30 hours after ingestion of aspirin. Obtain specimen by standard collection procedures, using a 21 gauge or larger needle. If only Aspirin Sensitivity is being collected, draw 5 mL into a red top tube, discard and then collect tube for Aspirin Sensitivity. Tube must be full.
Transport Information:Deliver to lab immediately to ensure platelet viability. All specimens must be signed into the laboratory.
Reference Clients:If unable to deliver to the lab immediately, store and transport specimen at room temperature. Specimen must be tested within 4 hours.
Causes for Rejection:Improperly labeled, incorrect container, contaminated, insufficient quantity, incorrect/delay in transport, grossly hemolyzed, clotted, under or over-filled tube.
Reference Range:A result of <550 ARU correlates to patient sensitive to aspirin. A result of >550 ARU correlates to patient not on aspirin or aspirin resistance.
Additional Information:Correlate results with other clinical and lab data. Platelet counts <1000,000cm and a HCT of <33% may effect the ability to obtain a result with the assay.
 NEVER collect behind an EDTA purple top tube as this effects platelet function.