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Medical and Dental School Courses and Pathology

Medical school

path---med-stud.jpgPATH 621. General and Systemic Pathology. Concepts of disease. This course extends over the winter and spring semesters of the second year of medical school and is designed to give the student a broad conceptual understanding of disease processes as they relate to the ill patient. This course primarily deals with disease processes from the perspective of anatomic and clinical pathology, with pathophysiologic principles emphasized throughout.

Students are also introduced to the principles of appropriate utilization of the anatomic and clinical pathology laboratories, as well as to the proper interpretation of laboratory results.

Self-study and small-group seminar teaching are emphasized as part of the case study approach, along with study of gross and microscopic surgical and autopsy material.

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Dental school

DENT 637. Dental General Pathology. This is an extensive course in basic and systemic pathology to include nomenclature of disease, appropriate definitions, responses of the body to injury/disease, and pathogenetic mechanisms that are common to many diseases. By instructing the student in both the basic concepts of human disease and the pertinent facts of systemic pathology, the student is provided with correlation between previously offered basic science courses and subsequently acquired clinical information.

Fifty-eight (58) hours of classroom time are scheduled in the curriculum for the course.

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