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The clinical cytogenomics laboratory studies the chromosome complement, its morphology, and behavior to detect abnormalities that may be associated with disease. Chromosome abnormalities can often provide an explanation for a disorder as well as recurrence risk, prognosis, and information use for determining the most effective therapies. Classical cytogenetics (karyotype) and molecular cytogenetics (FISH) are the main technologies used in this section. Direct phone number is (601) 984-1903.

Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry analyzes blood, bone marrow, lymph node and other cell preparations using monoclonal antibodies for the diagnosis of leukemias and lymphomas, and lymphocyte subset analyses for AIDS.

Immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence testing

Our immunohistochemistry laboratory offers about 150 immunoperoxidase stains using monoclonal antibodies to identify markers critical in surgical pathologic diagnosis. In addition, all renal, skin, lung and other tissue immunofluorescence is performed and evaluated by this division.

Molecular diagnostic testing

This service provides testing used to analyze biological markers in an individual's genetic code as related to disease processes.