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path---cytopathology.jpgThe Cytology Pathology division, Department of Pathology, is a full-service laboratory addressing the needs of UMMC's hospitals and clinics as well as several private clients.

Annually, the laboratory receives, processes and signs out approximately 10,000 gynecologic specimens (liquid based), approximately 2,000 non-gynecologic specimens (body fluids, brushes and washes) and approximately 1,000 fine needle aspiration (FNA) specimens.

Notable among our private accounts is the Mississippi State Department of Health. Gynecologic volume from the MSDH account totals approximately 6,000 specimens annually. Our cytopathology lab is one of the few locations in the country to have such a large public health account centralized into one immense database. This affords the client great control of their patient base, as well as resulting in excellent research potential for our pathologists and cytotechnologist.

The cytopathology laboratory normal hours of operation are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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