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OB/GYN Research

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology's Division of Research and Academic Affairs is a resource for all our departmental faculty, fellows, residents and staff.

The division includes a research manager and research nurses for all departmental research projects. Dr. Kedra Wallace provides leadership for our basic research endeavors and our clinical support core laboratories. 

Research group

Working as a consultative resource to the division is the Research Group of faculty and others which meets bimonthly to review progress and possibilities. Members include Drs. Kedra Wallace, Elizabeth Lutz and Charlene Collier as well as research manager Sheila Belk.

Division functions

Functions of the division include:

  • Evaluate the potential for any proposed research project to be performed under the auspices of the OB/GYN Department before any agreement is made for the undertaking - to function as a clearinghouse for any potential research endeavor. This includes evaluating the feasibility, staff needs, proposed budget, coordination with ongoing work and the potential value to the department and our faculty and staff.
  • Provide seamless assistance for departmental staff involved in a research project from its inception, consideration of possible research structure, help with reference materials, development of IRB protocol and application, interaction with legal and research entities within the institution to facilitate research contracting, biostatistics evaluation of the study structure and data sheet, help in implementation, collection of data and evaluation, preparation for presentation and publication, and submission of articles to professional journals.
  • Assist faculty with academic career development via regular review of career path and plans.
  • Function as a reservoir of information collated from faculty and staff on an ongoing basis regarding any publications (submitted, accepted, rejected, revised and resubmitted), presentations, awards and other information relevant to constructing an accurate and complete academic and research annual report for Department of OB/GYN activities.
  • Identify research and grant opportunities which will help fulfill our department's research mission, bring to the attention of faculty and staff items for their consideration.

For more information

  • Dr. Kedra Wallace
    Office: R303; (601) 984-5396
  • Sheila Belk
    Office: W254; (601) 984-5377

Clinical research nurses

  • Sherrina Dixon
    Office: W254; (601) 815-7036
  • Venessia Johnson
    Office: W254; (601) 984-5238