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Attention, Reward, Motivation and Addiction

  • Brain mechanisms underlying reward and motivation (L. Coolen, I. Webb)
  • Cognitive and hippocampal effects of surgical weight loss (B. Grayson)
  • Monoaminergic systems (R. Lin, K. Simpson, R. Darling, Y. Lu, I. Webb, I. Paul, L. Coolen)
  • Neurogenetic influences on vulnerability to addiction (D. Platt, J. Rowlett)
  • Pharmacological mechanisms underlying addictive behaviors (J. Rowlett, D. Platt)
  • Sex and gender differences in the brain and in behavior (M. Lehman, L. Coolen)
  • The neurobiological basis of addiction (L. Coolen, I. Webb)
*Note: Bold indicates primary appointments in Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences.