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Anatomical Education

  • anatomical-education.jpgAssessment of self-directed online learning for gross and developmental anatomy (A. Sinning, M. Conway)
  • Computer-generated 3-D models for anatomical education (D. Cui, J. Lynch, M. Lehman)
  • Development of online content for gross and developmental anatomy (A. Sinning,¬†M. Conway)
  • Evidence-base approaches to an integrated medical neuroscience curriculum (R. Darling, M. Lehman, J. Lynch)
  • Improving learning and assessment in anatomical and medical education (A. Notebaert, Y. Lu)
  • Flipped classroom approaches to medical education (R. Darling)
  • Pedagogy in anatomy (R. Batra)
  • Team-based learning modules in gross anatomy (A. Sinning)
  • Testing critical thinking in health care education (N. Wang)
  • Using eye tracking to assess feature extraction and expertise (R. Darling)
*Note: Bold indicates primary appointments in Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences.