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Family Medicine Student Programs

melton,-sheree-high-res.jpgOn behalf of the faculty and staff of the Division of Student Programs, welcome to the department's website.

Our department strives to offer medical students a challenging curriculum designed to expand their horizons while also providing a safe and nurturing environment in which to grow.

We are dedicated to staying abreast in the latest in medical education so that we can provide a first-class learning experience. Our curriculum incorporates problem-based learning, evidence-based medicine, and point-of-care technologies with first-hand, service learning opportunities that provide students with the opportunity to learn by doing, while also providing world-class care to our patients.

We engage with students during every stage of their medical education and are honored to be a part of their growth as physicians.

Just as with our patients, we believe in providing “whole-person care” to our students.

Dr. Thais TonoreWe know that medical school is a very challenging time in the lives of student and their families. Our division’s offices are located on the fourth floor of the Clinical Sciences Building (L-436) are equipped with a couch and all the chocolate you care to eat. We are here to listen to your problems, help with your challenges and celebrate your successes - both personal and academic. Whether you need comfort food, a shoulder to lean on, a ride when your car breaks down or a pat on the back for a job well done, our division is ready and willing to help.

So we invite you to come on by, sit a spell, put your feet up, and visit with us!

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