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Student Clerkship

We thank you for your interest in the emergency medicine student clerkship. Our department is dedicated to providing a quality experience for all students. Those interested in a career in emergency medicine are encouraged to rotate with us. We also encourage those who plan on pursuing another specialty to rotate with us as well, for all students benefit from the unique experience that the emergency department provides.

Available to US MD/DO students only, this one-month M4 elective will provide medical students practical clinical experience in the UMMC Emergency Department and Mississippi's only level 1 trauma center. During this rotation medical students will be exposed to all aspects of care in the ED. Medical students are treated as acting interns and are expected to provide complete care for their patients: independently evaluating patients, performing necessary procedures, following up on all imaging studies and lab work, and making appropriate dispositions. Students will work one-on-one with a senior emergency medicine resident during shifts and will present their patients directly to an emergency medicine attending. Outside of the emergency department, students will participate in a hands-on suture skills lab, procedure lab (arterial line, central line, lumbar puncture, and airway), and simulation lab. Students also attend resident conference on Thursday mornings.


Students will be assigned 10-11 eight-hour shifts in the UMMC emergency department. For didactics, students will be required to attend resident conference on Thursday mornings and will be assigned to read CDEM modules and Procedures/Consult modules. Students will also participate in skills labs, simulation lab and student case presentations during the month. The monthly schedule may be accessed here

Evaluation and Grading

The primary method of evaluation will be shift evaluation forms that students submit to either a senior resident or attending at the end of each shift. Other components of the rotation that will be used to calculate a final grade include a mid-term exam based on the assigned CDEM reading and Procedures/Consult modules, skills lab and simulation completion, student case presentations, and the standardized national emergency medicine M4 exam.


The emergency medicine student clerkship is open to all fourth-year medical students at UMMC and fourth-year medical students from accredited allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. We are only able to accept students from LCME- or AOA-accredited institutions and are unable to offer rotations to foreign or international medical students.

Visiting Students

The Department of Emergency Medicine welcomes visiting students from LCME- or AOA-accredited medical schools. If you have a sincere interest in our program, please schedule an externship with us. Applications are accepted exclusively through VSLO, beginning March 20th.

Other Emergency Medicine Electives

In addition to the traditional emergency medicine elective, the Department of Emergency Medicine offers electives in emergency medicine research, medical toxicology, and wilderness and disaster medicine. 

For more information, please email Kimberlyn Ivy, Education Administrator, and cc: Donna Bridges, Senior Emergency Medicine Education Administrator.