Winter 2017

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Residents, faculty make Lifebox a priority

By Dr. Jim Rabalais

lifebox_for_emma.jpgLifebox is a charitable organization founded in 2011 prove essential patient monitoring equipment and training in the poorest corners of the world where surgical mortality is extraordinarily high.

Since Lifebox’s inception, it has facilitated the distribution of more than 13,000 pulse oximeters to 100 countries worldwide. In addition, it has introduced the Surgical Safety Checklist at its initial pilot site hospital in Rwanda and at other areas and has provided education materials to spread the checklist worldwide.

Lifebox is expanding its work into the prevention of surgical site infection, another major cause of avoidable surgical mortality.

The Annual Resident Lifebox Challenge is an initiative of the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ Resident Component to engage U.S. anesthesiology residents in support of the Global Safe Surgery Program of the Lifebox Foundation. It is a friendly competition among anesthesiology residency programs nationwide to raise money for a worthy cause.

UMMC first began donating to Lifebox in 2015 under the leadership of former chief resident Dr. Ryan McGaughey. That year, UMMC was recognized for having the highest contribution per resident in the nation.

Since 2015, UMMC residents and faculty continue to make Lifebox a priority. In 2017, UMMC’s anesthesiology program was recognized for placing third in the nation in contributions per resident to Lifebox and second in the nation in total contributions.

UMMC residents use pulse oximeters on a daily basis and recognize their value in patient safety and quality care. Through their contributions to Lifebox, UMMC residents are decreasing surgical mortality around the world.

It is our hope to regain the title of the residency program with the highest contribution per resident in 2018.