Winter 2017

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Reid selected vice chief of staff


Dr. Kirk Reid, associate professor of anesthesiology and vice chair of clinical services, has been appointed to serve as UMMC’s vice chief of staff.

Along with Dr. Peter Arnold, Dr. Patrick Smith and Mollie Brasfield, Dr. Reid has implemented the Peer Advocacy Reporting System (PARS), a physician peer review and disciplinary system new to UMMC. It is a fair, systematic process that involves surveillance by all professionals and promotes professionalism, addresses and reduces malpractice risk/cost and unprofessional behavior, and helps satisfy regulatory requirements. It also can help improve interactions among patients and care providers, leading to better outcomes.

Dr. Reid’s other responsibilities as vice chief of staff include helping lead UMMC Grenada by serving as a liaison between the two campuses and working with Grenada leadership to recruit anesthesiologists, CRNAs and other subspecialty physicians. The UMMC Grenada campus has recently started a chronic pain program that Dr. Reid had a hand in creating.

We are thrilled Dr. Reid has decided to serve in this role because it allows our department to have a presence in multiple areas of the hospital, including administration and leadership positions. Congratulations to Dr. Reid!