Fall 2017

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Dr. Claude D. Brunson Teaching Day, Residency and Fellowship Graduation Highlights

On June 3, Anesthesiology Department staff gathered for the first Dr. Claude D. Brunson Teaching Day. The event highlighted graduating senior residents and the research projects they worked on throughout the year.

The following projects were presented:

 •  Dr. Peggy Boles, “Improving Patient Safety by Standardized Handoff from Operating Room to Intensive Care Unit”

 •  Dr. D’Onior Felton, “Pediatric Pectus Surgery Enhanced Recovery Protocol: A Quality Improvement Study”

 •  Dr. Rene’ Hulet, “Burnout Among the Anesthesiology Residents and Nurse Anesthetists at the University of Mississippi Medical Center”

 •  Dr. Andrea McCann, “Respiratory Depression in Obstetric Patients Undergoing Cesarean Delivery Under Spinal Anesthesia with Intrathecal Morphine: A Retrospective Analysis”

 •  Dr. Christian Oliver, “Identifying the True Incidence of Post Dural Puncture Headache After Accidental Dural Puncture in the Local Obstetric Patient”

 •  Dr. Rachel Roberts, “Cost Awareness in Anesthesia”

 •  Dr. Richard Webb, “Medical Liability and Tort Reform in Mississippi from 1990-2017”

Dr. Ralph Didlake, Dr. Loretta Jackson-Williams, Dr. Keith Jones, Dr. John Lauria and Dr. Charles O’Mara served as judges. Dr. Webb received the first place prize, Dr. Felton received the second place prize and Dr. McCann received the third place prize. The department staff wish to thank the program committee - comprised of Dr. Claude Brunson, Dr. Doug Bacon, Dr. Arthur Calimaran and Dr. Charles Robertson – for its efforts. 

Later that evening, residency and fellowship graduates were honored with a graduation ceremony at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

The night began with refreshments, followed by the program and dinner. The senior residents mentioned above and the pain fellows – Dr. Shae Bell, Dr. Erin Dodd, Dr. Ryan McGaughey and Dr. Douglas Tucker – were recognized.

The following photos were taken at the events. The department staff congratulate all graduating residents and fellows!