Fall 2017

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From the Chairman's Desk


Welcome to the Department of Anesthesiology newsletter!

This month, the new medical school building opened, and later this fall, the translational research building will open. These are but two of the exciting things that are happening at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Despite the budgetary woes so well reported in the press, the department is strong and growing!

In June, seven residents graduated from the program along with four pain fellows. For me, this was a special moment, as the graduates were the first I personally worked with for the full three years of their clinical education.

It is always a joy to watch these incredibly bright, energetic young physicians mature into anesthesiologists who can handle the most challenging cases Mississippi and, indeed, the world has to offer.

I would like to highlight two awards that were bestowed during the ceremony.

The John I. Lauria, M.D. Award for Resident Advocacy was presented to Harris Baig, M.D., for his tireless efforts with the residents. As chair of the Clinical Competency Committee, Harris has the difficult job of determining if the residents are competent as physicians in all aspects of practice. He personally interviews all of the residents and counsels them on their performance.

The Patricia Norman Award for Citizenship was presented to R. Kirk Reid, M.D. Kirk has the difficult role of making sure the operating rooms run as efficiently as possible, while trying to balance the academic needs of the faculty, the demands of the surgeons and the unpredictability of transplant and trauma cases. He continues to work his magic on the schedule with a cheerful demeanor and was recently appointed associate chief of the medical staff.

It will soon be fall, and with that change of season, interview season for residency will begin. It is always a difficult decision which residents to rank in what order. Almost all of the candidates are highly qualified, personable and have a dedication to our specialty. We will interview more than 100 applicants for the 10 available slots. There are eight intern or PGY-I positions available and two PGY-II positions.  

This is our first issue of The Pulse. I would be remiss if I didn’t extoll the hard work done by our newsletter editor, Dr. Sara Robertson. She is the driving force behind this publication, and I look forward to seeing subsequent issues.

As chair, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me with suggestions, ideas and ways in which the residency and department can help! My email is dbacon@umc.edu or feel free to call the department at 4-5931.  

Warmest regards,