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Third year

  • ANES 630. Survey of Anesthesia. A two-week elective course for students with an interest in Anesthesiology. The goals of the course are to introduce M3 students to the daily practice of anesthesiology and to improve the student’s understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of pain, including the psychosocial and economic impact of pain on the patient and society. The student will spend time with practitioners in several subspecialties (pediatrics, chronic pain management, general and obstetrical anesthesia) learning about the specialty and discussing how anesthesiology fits into and helps fulfill their life goals. (Six (6) students each rotation unless prior written approval from course director. Available all months except July.)

Fourth year

  • ANES 651. Clinical Anesthesiology. A-one month elective affording an overview of and introduction to anesthesiology. Under direct supervision, students will undertake “hands-on” participation in all parts of anesthesia care with particular emphasis on: preoperative evaluation/preparation, vascular access, airway maintenance (including intubation), physiology and pharmacology of anesthesia care and patient homeostasis (including vasoactive drugs) monitoring, and immediate postoperative management. Attendance is required at all departmental didactic sessions and special student lectures. This course is oriented to the student who is seriously considering Anesthesiology as a specialty. (Four (4) students each month. Available all months except July and August unless special permission is granted by course director.
  • ANES 652. Pain Management. The purpose of this course is for medical students to develop an understanding of the knowledge and skills related to the practice of pain management and to facilitate a greater understanding of the contributions of pain managements in the health care system. Students will participate in all aspects of pain management: acute, chronic and cancer pain. Students will learn the concept of pain as a multi-dimensional experience. They will participate in the evaluation and treatment of complex pain patients. This rotation is for any medical student with an interest in chronic pain management regardless of planned specialty. (One (1) student each month unless special permission granted by course director. Available all months.)
  • ANES 851 and 852. Anesthesia Extramural. Extramural rotations for four weeks or longer can be arranged with the course director or chair's approval for students who are interested in the specialty. (Available for senior medical students only. Available all months.)

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