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Educational Observer Program

The purpose of the educational observer program is for interested students to get first-hand experience in a hospital setting. Individuals who want to be an observer will need to have a sponsor. The sponsor is a UMMC employee that has agreed to be responsible for the observer getting the desired educational experience while making sure that the guidelines are being followed. 

If you do not have a particular employee to be a sponsor, you may contact the department and they will provide someone for you.

To be an observer, you must complete the electronic non-employee personnel action request (NEPAR). Part of completing the NEPAR includes downloading the Compliance Training certificate. A link to the training is attached to the portal. The observer is also required to:

  • Provide evidence of vaccinations (including MMR, varicella, Tdap, and influenza) by uploading the appropriate documents to the Non-Employee Health Portal for medical review by Student Employee Health.
  • Provide evidence of TB screening (skin test or blood test) to the Non-Employee Health Portal for medical review by Student Employee Health. Educational observers planning to be at UMMC for 3 days or less may complete the TB Screening Questionnaire instead and wait for further instructions.
  • Be fingerprinted for criminal history review if observing for 4 days or more. This can be done with the HR Service Center or at your local police department. The processing fee is $50 if done on or off campus. No personal checks, please.
  • Complete and sign the Educational Observer Authorization and Attestation forms provided by the sponsor. The observer will return the forms to the sponsor for him/her to sign as well.
  • Complete Basic Orientation and submit the Non-employee Orientation Attestation to the sponsor. This is not required if observing for 3 days or less.