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Graduate School Courses

  • 700. Human Gross Anatomy. A study of the human body with dissections. In this course there is emphasis on the head, neck and trunk. (14 semester hours.)
  • 701. Human Microscopic and Developmental Anatomy. A study of the microscopic structure and function on cells, tissue and organs. (8 semester hours.)
  • 703. Seminar in Writing Biomedical Research Papers. Basic elements of writing, such as sentence structure and the traditional sections of the biomedical research paper, the introduction, materials and methods, results, and discussion are taught through extensive use of examples and exercises. (1 semester hour.)
  • 711. Gross Anatomy. A study of the human body including dissection. (12 semester hours.)
  • 713. Histology and Cell Biology. A study of the structure and function of cells, tissues and organs. (6 semester hours, 3-3.)
  • 715. Neurobiology. A study of the human nervous system. (6 semester hours.)
  • 716. Developmental Anatomy. A study of the embryonic development of the human body (2 semester hours.)
  • 717. Introduction to Research Techniques. Research rotations with up to three faculty associated with the Clinical Anatomy program. Students will be exposed to the research and methods used by individual faculty. Each rotation requires a brief paper to be written by the student. (1 semester hour.)
  • 722. Topics in Contemporary Anatomy. (1 semester hour.)
  • 730. Advanced Gross Anatomy. Detailed structural and functional analysis of selected regions of the body. Prerequisite: Anatomy 700 or 711 or equivalent. (6 semester hours.)
  • 731. Advanced Histology and Cell Biology. Detailed study of particular cells, tissues or organs. Prerequisite: Anatomy 701 or 713 or equivalent. (3 semester hours.)
  • 733. Advanced Neurobiology. Detailed study of particular areas, or of specific functional systems, within the nervous system. Prerequisite: Anatomy 715 or equivalent. (3 semester hours.)
  • 740. Reading in Contemporary Anatomy. A program of reading or reading and research assigned by a faculty advisory according to specific interests of the student. A written report of the work may be required of the student during or at the end of the semester. (Hours and credit to be arranged.)
  • 750. Thesis Research Proposal. An advanced course in which Master's students prepare a research proposal for their thesis research project. (1 semester hour.)