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Department of Advanced Biomedical Education

The Department of Advanced Biomedical Education (D.A.B.E.) is committed with the process of training future generations of healthcare professionals, scientists, and biomedical educators.  The Department oversees the learning process in the classroom, and beyond the classroom in scenarios resembling real-world situations, and promotes scholarly activities with cutting edge projects on research in education.  


The Department of Advanced Biomedical Education supports the growth and delivery of biomedical education at the University of Mississippi Medical Center by focusing on education-specific resources, approaches and implementation.  


The Department of Advanced Biomedical Education will be the hub of biomedical education for the next generation of healthcare professionals and scientists in Mississippi. 


  • Provide a primary education venue for selected faculty-educators who represent a variety of disciplines but whose primary role is teaching. 
  • Strengthen the integration, both horizontal and vertical, of curriculum content and delivery.  
  • Promote scholarly work and improve the quality of research in educational domains. 
  • Advance and support interprofessional education. 
  • Support faculty development for master educators. 
  • Provide adequate administrative support to deliver the educational programs. 
  • Manage all auxiliary services that are integral to the educational programs.