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Mississippi Residency

For admission purposes, the School of Medicine (SOM) at the University of Mississippi Medical Center gives preference to residents of the State of Mississippi, as defined by Miss. Code §§ 37-103-7, 37-103-13 and IHL Policy 610; see Admissions Standards and Legal Policy.

As such, the SOM currently accepts admission applications only from individuals who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. The SOM may choose not to accept applications from students who cannot demonstrate residency as defined by Miss. Code § 37-103-7 and 37-103-13. In recent years, it has not been possible to admit nonresidents of the State of Mississippi.

Residency determination is not based solely on information provided in an AMCAS® application. It is based on information provided in the UMMC Secondary Application and, when requested, a Request for Review of Residency Classification form and supporting documentation. Questions regarding residency classification should be addressed to the Office of Enrollment Management.