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Method 1: End-Point Courses

  • The objective of this option is to describe what courses need to be taken but not the path to achieve this end-point.
  • Undergraduate institutions will decide acceptable pathways to these end-point courses that may include traditional course requirements, condensed or novel requirements, AP credit, and online course work.
  • Any applicant selecting this option must document on a transcript that required end-point courses have been taken.
  • Well-prepared applicants may also indicate which recommended courses have been taken.
  • No end-point course should be taken online (unless during Spring 2020 to Summer 2021) and must adhere to the SOM admissions criteria.
  • The following courses are required:
    • Biochemistry: 1 semester
    • Physics 2: 1 semester
    • Life Sciences: 2 of any of the following semester courses:
Biology of CancerImmunology and SerologyNeuroscience
Cellular BiologyInfectious DiseasesPharmacology
GeneticsMolecular BiologyVirology
HistologyMolecular Genetics
  • Familiarity with the following subjects is recommended. Content might be acquired by taking courses by that name or courses with different names but similar content or self-study:

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