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Institutional Setting Subcommittee

  • Ralph Didlake, Chair
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Medicine
  • Kevin Cook
    Chief Executive Officer, Health Systems
  • Joey Granger
    Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
  • Tom Fortner
    Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer
  • Paula Henderson
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Juanyce Taylor
    Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Associate Professor, Doctor of Health Administration Program
  • Richard Summers
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Charles O’Mara
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs
  • Lecretia A. Buckley
    Education QI Director
  • David Norris
    Associate Professor of Family Medicine
  • LouAnn Woodward
    Vice Chancellor and Dean of the School of Medicine
  • Sam Smith
    Interim CFO