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Academic and Learning Environment Subcommittee

  • Jerry Clark, Chair
    Chief Student Affairs Officer, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Natalie Gaughf
    Director, Office of Academic Support and Professor of Family Medicine
  • Fred Asher
    Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Robin Rockhold
    Deputy Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Terri Gillespie
    Chief Nursing Executive and Clinical Service Officer
  • Thomas Helling
    Professor of Surgery
  • Michael Henderson
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Juanyce Taylor
    Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Associate Professor, Doctor of Health Administration Program
  • Gaarmel Funches
    Director, Community Education and Outreach
  • Sharon Douglas
    Associate Dean for Coordination of Education at the VA, Professor of Medicine
  • Jimmy Stewart
    Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Professor of Medicine
  • Molly Brasfield
    Director of Human Resources for Academics and Research  
  • Johnson George
    Director, Faculty Projects & Process Design
  • Lesley Dickens
    Director of Medical School Admissions
  • Kimberly Price
    Associate CFO – Budget and Financial Accounts
  • Aalaap Desai
    Class of 2021
  • Lachelle Vance
    Class of 2021
  • Jordan Rimes
    Class of 2020
  • Trace Palmer
    Class of 2020