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August 2020

  1. Ajinkya Desai, Principal Investigator, C-TRACT Trial: An NIH funded multi-center randomized controlled trial aimed at assessing the efficacy of endovascular intervention in the treatment of post-thrombotic syndrome (from chronic DVT). University of Mississippi is one of the sites.

  2. In 2014, the AAMC formed the MCAT Validity Committee (MVC) to evaluate the validity of scores from the new MCAT exam. The committee comprises representatives from 16 U.S. and two Canadian medical schools and two pre-health advisors serving in current or previous leadership roles with the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professsions. The UMMC School of Medicine is one of the 16 U.S. medical schools. Faculty participating in the study include Demondes Haynes and Loretta Jackson-Williams. The MVC is evaluating evidence about the fairness, impact, use, and predictive validity of scores from the new MCAT exam, which is called for by professional testing standards and will form the foundation for evaluating the soundness of interpretations of these scores for use in admissions.