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March 2021

  1. Brooks JT. Putting the “R” Back Into SRS: Building a research program without support. SRS Annual Meeting Lunchtime Symposium. February 28, 2021. Changed from Phoenix, AZ to Virtual.

    Invited Speaker and Moderator.

  2. Brooks JT, Murphy RF, El-Hawary R, Mcdonald T, Sponseller PD, Vitale MG, Oetgen M, Wright P, Fitzgerald RE, Cahill PJ, Sukkarieh H. Quantity vs quality of distal fixation points in neuromuscular early onset scoliosis: Does it matter? International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis And Growing Spine. November 14, 2020. (Virtual)

  3. Matson, S. The opioid crisis and treatment of adolescents and young adults with medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD). Children’s Hospital Foundation Paul and Ann Milburn Lecture, University of Oklahoma Department of Pediatrics. March 10, 2021.

  4. McDonald TC, Wright PB, Brooks JT, Sukkarieh H. The value-added benefit of utilizing two attending surgeons for patients with scoliosis secondary to cerebral palsy. 2020 International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques. July 6 - December 31, 2020. (Virtual)

  5. Pinto M, Randhawa R, Bhanat E, Brooks JT. The Gladden Society Honor Roll: A ranking of orthopaedic residency programs by percentage of Black residents. AMA Research Symposium. December 3-6, 2020. (Virtual)

February 2021

  1. Kalikkot-Thekkeveedu, R., Hughes, T.J., Yimer, W.K., Alur, P. Respiratory severity scores correlate with weight for length Z scores in infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Southern Society for Pediatric Research, February 2021.