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December 2020

  1. DULCE Planning Grant: Implementation in a Southern, African-American Community Center for the Study of Social Policy 

    Role: Courtney S. Walker, Ph.D., Principal Investigator; Co-PI: Sarah Jones, MD

    Status: Funded

    Project Description: The DULCE program is a universal, early relational approach to strengths-based, family-centered child health care during the critical first six months of life. The purpose of the proposed grant will be to conduct the initial planning needed for implementation of DULCE into general pediatric clinics at University of Mississippi Medical Center.

  2. Rankin County Capacity Enhancing Project: Child-Parent Psychotherapy Zero to Three Infant/Toddler Court Program

    Role: Courtney S. Walker, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

    Status: Funded

    Project Description: Successful proposal submitted to Zero to Three. The overall goals of the project are to 1) increase the number of providers trained in CPP, with the ultimate goal of 2) increasing access to evidence-based trauma interventions for young children and their families who are involved in the Rankin County Infant Toddler Court program. 

August 2020

  1. Brian Tieu was awarded a $2000 grant for research by Southern Dames of Mississippi in June 2020.

  2. IMPACT the RACE: Improved Primary Care for the Rural Community through Medical Education, a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant, was awarded to the School of Medicine ($1.75 million for FY20-21 with $5.25 million recommended for future support). IMPACT the RACE is designed to enhance the education of all medical students to encourage them to choose residencies and careers in primary care in rural communities in Mississippi. Project activities include the development of community-based educational activities for medical students, support rural student recruitment and retention programs, development of extended rural community-based training activities, creation of a monitoring and advising system, training of UMMC and affiliate faculty, and the development of partnerships and affiliate faculty network. Dr. Loretta Jackson-Williams is the principal investigator.