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Faculty Development

Faculty and staff resources are provided by the SOM Office of Medical Education. Professional development in areas such as teaching methods and assessing student learning is conducted through orientations, retreats, regularly scheduled meetings, individual meetings with the instructional designer, and online resources.

The assistant dean for curriculum instructs faculty regarding curriculum and evaluations during scheduled course director meetings. Workshops, seminars, symposia and coaching sessions by SOM administration and consultants are provided to help faculty improve teaching methods. Instruction regarding online resources or testing software is also given, as needed, at the monthly curriculum committee meetings.

New course directors are oriented to course and clerkship goals and objectives, teaching methods and assessment of students by the assistant dean for curriculum. The Course Director's Guide was developed as a reference document from the Curriculum Committee and is actively used.

The SOM Office of Medical Education provides staff development for the administrative course coordinators during regularly scheduled lunch meetings. The meetings provide instruction in course and student management, input of required assessments and course best practices.

Resources for UMMC faculty and staff

Additional internal resources, listed below, are available to UMMC faculty and staff on the UMMC Intranet. Visit the 'Office of Medical Education' intranet home page, then select the 'OME Faculty and Staff Resources' page.

  • Course syllabus example
  • Course director change flow chart
  • New course proposal form
  • Preparing a new course proposal flow chart
  • Summer Professional Development Series