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UMMC—Who We AreSchool of Medicine Policies
School of Medicine—Who We AreResources and Contacts
Roles & ResponsibilitiesUseful Links
Educational Program ObjectivesRequired Tasks for the Academic Year

UMMC—Who We Are
School of Medicine—Who We Are
SOM Vision Statement
SOM Mission Statement
SOM Diversity and Inclusion Statement
Roles & Responsibilities
Course Management
Course Syllabus
Materials to be posted in Canvas
Management Within MedHub
Uploading Course Syllabus
Curriculum Mapping
Course Evaluation
Grading & Student Evaluations
Submission of Grades & Record Keeping
Procedure on Access to Student Records
Academic Dishonesty & Discipline
Procedure on Grade Appeals
Educational Program Objectives
School of Medicine Policies
Mistreatment Policy
General Mistreatment
Sexual Misconduct
Policies for Clinical Clerkships
Board Examination Failure Policy
Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) Failure Policy
Absence Policy for Third Year Core Clerkships
Policy on Student Duty Hours
On-Call Activities
Documentation of Duty Hours
Policy on Student Supervision
Faculty Responsibility
Clinical Supervision
Procedural Supervision
Policy on Professional Behavior
Student/Preceptor Assignments on Community-Based Rotations
Non-Inolvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment
Procedure Regarding Personal Belongings During Exams
Policy Regarding the Accuracy of Educational Records
Resouces & Contacts
Academic Support
Academic Achievement Program
Academic Support
Campus Resources
School of Medicine Room Reservations
Student Support
Office of Medical Education
Office of Student Affairs
Useful Links
Required Tasks for the Academic Year