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Student Support

Resources are available for students who need academic advising or counseling services. These resources include:

  • Academic counseling through the School of Medicine by Mr. Dakota Bibbs (Phone: 601-984-1136).
  • Services include:
    • Learning and study approaches
    • Time management
    • Study plans
    • Resume and CV assistance
    • Identification of specific resources for various courses o Step 1 and Step 2 guidance
    • Test-taking strategies
    • Strategies for test anxiety
    • General career counseling
    • Shadowing opportunities
  • Tutoring and counseling through the institutional Office for Student Success 
  • Confidential counseling and medication management for mental health issues through the Student
  • Counseling and Wellness Center; Email:; Phone: (601) 815-1136
  • Occupational health care through Student-Employee Health; Email:; Phone: (601) 984-1185
  • Primary care services through the Family Medicine Quick Care Clinic. Phone: (601) 984-6800