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Resources and Contacts

Campus Resources

E-learning Administrator: Elizabeth Jacobs

Bookstore: (601) 984-1090

DIS E-Learning Administrator: Teresa Walter

Registrar: Emily Cole

Student Union:

Clinical Skills Assessment Center

Phone: (601) 815-4779

Curriculum Committee and Subcommittees

Curriculum Committee Chair: Dr. Loretta Jackson-Williams

Clinical Sciences Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Kimberly Paduda

Curriculum Development and Innovation Subcommittee Chair: Dr. V. Austin Henderson

Evaluation Subcommittee Chair: Dr. David Norris

Foundational Sciences Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Michael Hebert

Professional Identity Formation Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Molly Clark

Program Evaluation Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Lecretia Buckley

Society and Medicine Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Caroline Compretta

Systems-Based Practice Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Mark Walker

Office of Admissions

Phone: (601) 984-5010

Associate Dean for Admissions: Dr. Demondes Haynes

Assistant Dean for Admissions: Dr. Kathryn Schneider

Director of Outreach: Dr. Dan Coleman

Project Manager: Euracia "Rece" Thompson

Student Admissions Officer: Diane Taylor

Office of Graduate Medical Education

Phone: (601) 984-1113

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education: Dr. Jimmy Stewart

Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education: Dr. J. Marc Majure

Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education: Dr. J. Brad Ingram

Project Manager III: Patrick O'Brien

Program Administrator: Kelly Dennis

Office of Medical Education

The School of Medicine Office of Medical Education is primarily responsible for working with the faculty and all administrative offices within the medical school and institution to oversee the design, management, and evaluation of the educational program of the School of Medicine. The office is also responsible for directing other key facets of the educational program in the medical school, including:

  • Academic counseling and resources
  • Accreditation adherence and reporting
  • Assessment of students, course, and faculty
  • Curriculum management and administrative oversite
  • Residency match
  • Student progression and promotion


Phone: (601) 984-5006

Loretta Jackson-Williams, MD, PhD
Vice Dean for Medical Education

David R. Norris, MD
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Lecretia A. Buckley, PhD
Education QI Director

Robyn Herring
Operations Director

Lucy Varela-Quintero
Project Manager II

M. Beth Wilson
Education Administrator

Office of Student Affairs

The School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Student Affairs is engaged in fostering an environment that promotes academic success and student development. The office coordinates a wide variety of services and activities that impact all medical students, operating as a conduit between the student, faculty, and administration. The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to provide the necessary information, support, guidance, and resources needed for success.


Phone: (601) 984-5012

Michael McMullan, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Lyssa Weatherly, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Tressie Nichols
Project Manager I

Tommeka Mason
Administrative Assistant


  • DIS Academic Support Hotline: 815-5555
  • Housekeeping – 984-2685 (need for unscheduled clean up)
  • Physical Plant – 984-1420 (classroom environmental problems)