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Academic Achievement Program

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs: Dr. David R. Norris

Academic Support

Director: Dr. Natalie Gaughf



  • Scheduling of rooms for M1 and M2 years should be completed by the course coordinator in the Event Management System (EMS) by March of each academic year.

  • Scheduling of rooms for M3 and M4 years, when necessary for exams or small group discussions, is the responsibility of the course director.

  • Reservations for rooms located within the School of Medicine Education Building, as well as reservations for the Classroom Wing, amphitheaters, and classrooms should be made using the Event Management System (EMS), located on the UMMC Intranet.


  • DIS Academic Support Hotline: 815-5555

  • Housekeeping – 984-2685 (need for unscheduled clean up)

  • Physical Plant – 984-1420 (classroom environmental problems)

  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs – Dr. Michael McMullan – 984-5012

  • Office of Medical Education—601-984-5006


Resources are available for students who need academic advising and/or counseling services. These services include tutoring, academic consulting through the Office of Academic Support, and the Academic Success Kiosk.
  • Tutors and academic consultants for students are available through the Office of Academic Support, located in the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  • The Academic Success Kiosk is available online for self-directed academic improvement. It provides students with resources on ASK provides students with guidance and resources on time management, studying, coping with stress, and various professional skills.
  • For more specific needs, the Offices of Medical Education and Student Affairs may be contacted directly by students or course directors.


The School of Medicine Office of Medical Education is primarily responsible for working with the faculty and all of the administrative offices within the medical school and institution to oversee the design, management, and evaluation of the educational program of the School of Medicine.
The office is also responsible for directing other key facets of the educational program in the medical school, including:
  • Academic counseling and resources
  • Accreditation adherence and reporting
  • Assessment
  • Career counseling
  • Residency match
  • Student progression and promotion
Office of Medical Education: 601-984-5006
  • Loretta Jackson-Williams, MD, PhD
    Vice Dean for Medical Education and Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • David R. Norris, MD
    Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Family Medicine
  • Lecretia A. Buckley, PhD
    Education QI Director
  • Stephanie McLaughlin
    Executive Assistant
  • Robyn Herring
    OME Operations Director
  • Wesley Wilson
    Instructional Designer
  • Lucy Varela-Quintero
    Project Manager II


The School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Student Affairs is engaged in fostering an environment that promotes academic success and student development. The office coordinates a wide variety of services and activities that impact all medical students; operating essentially as a conduit between the student, faculty, and administration.

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to provide the necessary information, support, guidance and resources needed for success.

Office of Student Affairs: 601-984-5012

  • Michael McMullan, MD
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs

  • Lyssa Weatherly, MD
    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

  • Virginia Covington
    Project Manager II

  • Jan Simpson
    Project Manager I

  • Tommeka Mason
    Administrative Assistant