Course Director's Guide

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Required Tasks for the Academic Year

  1. Submit the course syllabus for the upcoming academic year to the Office of Medical Education by May 31.
  2. Develop the course schedule and assign presenters for all sessions. For preclinical courses, this will be a collaborative process facilitated by the Office of Medical Education.
  3. Submit the required book list to the UMMC Bookstore eight (8) weeks in advance of the course start date. Specific dates are provided each year by the bookstore.
  4. Create a Canvas site and post the syllabus at least two (2) weeks in advance of the course start date. Provide all course faculty with a copy of the course objectives and the school's educational program objectives that demonstrate how the course is informed by the educational program objectives.
  5. Verify room reservations for class sessions.
  6. Enroll course faculty into your Canvas site; in most cases, students are enrolled automatically.
  7. Provide the Office of Medical Education with grades after each exam or major assignment.
  8. Update clerkship and elective availability when requested by the Office of Medical Education, usually during the winter season.
  9. Submit final grades via Workday within thirty (30) days of receipt of the final examination.
  10. Make a formal, written response to the Evers Report for the course within two (2) weeks of receipt.
  11. Each spring and summer, as directed by the Office of Medical Education, verify the student learning objectives and their alignment with the School of Medicine educational program objectives in the course curriculum map.
  12. Ensure scheduling of faculty evaluations which are completed by medical students.
  13. Ensure scheduling of student evaluations which are complete by faculty (e.g., small group evaluations, clinical evaluations of students)